Goodness me

Evening everybody,

You can never really have just one best day and one worst day although there are many contenders to choose from. It's more difficult to choose the best day because your child does so much in the space of a few minutes that can either make you laugh till you drop or just bawl your eyes out until there's no tomorrow.

Its been a hard few months, I had baby number 2 who is absolutely gorgeous but her cry literally goes straight through me. Shes now 7 months, I know it's been a while since I posted but things have happened so I haven't been well enough or myself lately.

I've moved back in with my mom which has been the best idea I've made haha it has been such a great help. Rosalea has moved nurseries and she is so much more well behaved now, however she does get very jealous now that princess no.2 is here but no one can blame her really.

I've missed blogging because it always gave me a sense of peace I know that sounds weird but it does, it t…

Birthday Post!

Helloooo Strugglers,

Yes July was my birthday month so I am now officially 3 years old, out of the terrible twos but who is to say that I still can't be a nuisance and annoy people hehe what else is a child meant to do.

I do love birthdays, especially my own it's a day that gives me an excuse to be spoilt unlike every other day that I get spoilt. Before I get started on my birthday I'll tell you about the other things I did leading up to it.

First thing first, I went to a cinema! It was my first time and I went to see Despicable Me 3 along with mommy, Jason and Uncle Patch. That day was a very busy day before we went the cinema we spent the day up town shopping then went to a summer fate so it was pretty fun filled to say the least.

Jason and mommy spoilt me an a lot, Jason bought mommy a lovely set which had a necklace, bracelet and watch, he bought me Finding Dory pjs, took us out for meals, took Uncle Patch to lazer station while me and mommy watched Paw Patrols in the …

Preparing Rosalea for baby no.2

Evening all,  Quite a few of us parents will/maybe (at some point) have to explain to our children about bringing a new baby home. One day they are an only child and the next BAM! they have to share a house with a baby who cries most of the time whether it be for food, nappy change or for attention it will all be new for your child.  Fortunately, you can make the process and change easier on your little one and here is how.

What shall I call this post?

Hellooooo Strugglers,

What a lovely few weeks its been, however I think mommy is getting fed up of bump fighting in her belly hehe. Mommys whole stomach moves when baby decides to stretch or move it's so cool to watch and feel.

Currently I am listening to How far I'll go because who doesn't like Moana...

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It caaaalls me and no one knooows how far it gooooeesss!

June was fun filled to say the least, Jase came back so we spent a lot of time with him and here and there we caught a glimpse of sun which is quite rare here apparently. Nanny, Patch, Mommy, Jase and I all went to the Black Country Museum and it was aaaa-mazing we went through a dark tunnel on a boat and started dancing; I had a big cookie which i didn't finish which doesn't sound like me I know but I'm only little remember and I had to save room for the fish and chips.

We went out for lots of meals because Jase likes to treat us and I always get pudding which is…

May, May, May

Hellooooo Strugglers,

We've been busy, we've been ill, we've been away, I think the only thing we haven't done is partied which is quite sad to be fair but considering baby is nearly here I think partying is out of the question really. Mommy can't keep running around after me all of the time even with Jase's help.

For two weeks in May we went to Jase's mommies house in Sunderland. I was a good girl on the coach when going there which was 5 and a half hours long (too long if you ask mommy). I watched Peppa Pig, had a nap, ate lunch from my Paw Patrol lunchbox, coloured in and played on mommies Nintendo DS it was a fun journey. Once we got there I pretty much made myself at home as you do, I drank their milk, ate their food, took over the TV by watching Peppa Pig I even had my own bedroom thanks to Jase's mommy and daddy however I did refuse to sleep until half 11 at night so for most of the night I sat with mommy and Jase and watched films with them two.…

What is Endometriosis?

Last year a family member of mine became really ill, it wasn’t until later on that she was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Fortunately she has had an operation to remove what they could but it is a permanent condition that may even affect her chances of conceiving. So, in March she planned a charity event to raise awareness about Endometriosis as a lot of people do not know what it is until it affects someone they know. She has managed to raise quite a bit of money which will go towards research and hopefully some day finding a cure.
This post is to also raise awareness as until the charity event I still didn’t even know what it was.
Endometriosis is a natural condition that occurs when cells, like the ones that line the womb (endometrium) are found elsewhere in the body. They are generally found on that Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes, the Pelvic Peritoneum (lining of the inside of the abdomen), Bladder and Bowel.
This condition is a long lasting condition that is estimated to affect…

How I deal with arguments/tantrums

Hello parents and guardians of Strugglers,
The last time I wrote about Temper Tantrums Rosalea was 1, it’s been a year and a half since then and oh my life how these tantrums change. At first I thought it wasn’t that bad when all she did was cry and point to what she wanted or point to what hurt her but now she talks… a lot. She also screams… a lot.
Yes I know Rosalea is only two years old but we argue all of the time. I’ll tell her to tidy away her toys, she’ll say no, I’ll say yes otherwise she goes to bed, she screams in my face, I scream in hers proving that I can scream louder and that goes on for about 15 minutes until eventually she starts picking up toys and throwing them angrily into her toy box. The joys. Either way she eventually does it though. We always bicker about stupid little things and have the “yes, no” argument at least once a day. To be fair I love it. I like seeing her try and attempt to stand up to me it is really cute and funny. We also have play arguments w…